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cinema exhibitions concerts theatre sports Events in October 2011

Falcon sokolníci 44th Falconers' meeting

Organized by Czech Falconry Club. Over 100 falconers: besides Czech also from Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain. Details
October 5-8 (Thursday - Saturday) in surrounding forests
Every day at 7 PM festal closure at Opočno chateau court
Saturday at 10 AM public display of falconry hunting near Vodětín
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Evening Journey to the White Lady (Večerní cesta za bílou paní)
For children 5-8 years old
October 26 (Wednesday) at 5 PM in Opočno town library

palette Sports

theatre Theatre plays


flower Garden plants exhibition

Garden- and pot-plants, exotic plants - tropical and subtropical, bonsai
Garden Center Na Štefance (behind Hotel Praha)
Open daily 10 AM - 5 PM


 - plakát Anna in the Front Line (Anna v přední linii) - document on Russian journalist Anna Politkovskát and the war in Chechnya
Marcus Vetter, Karin Steinberger
October 16 (Sunday) 7 PM, Dobrušská 723 (modlitebna České církve evangelické), entry free


Evenings Illuminated with Candles
Fridays from 8 PM in Hotel Holub

Dancing lessons for beginners
Saturdays from 7 PM in Kodymův národní dům

music Concerts

jízdy BVP, plakát jízdy BVP, odbočka k cihelně Off-road rides in the amphibious armoured fighting vehicle called BVP.
See start of the ride on YouTube. Access to the brickfield is marked from the road 298 from Opočno to Dobruška.
Operating on weekends from May to October from 9 AM to 5 PM.
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