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exhibitions concerts theatre sports Events in July 2009

jízdy BVP, plakát jízdy BVP, odbočka k cihelně Off-road rides in the amphibious armoured fighting vehicle called BVP.
Access to the brickfield is marked from the road 298 from Opočno to Dobruška.
Operating on weekends from May to October from 9 AM to 5 PM. NOT operating August 22-23.

Opočno Porcinkule - plakát Opočno Opočno Porcinkule - kolotoče Opočno Opočno Porcinkule - kolotoče Opočno Opočno Porcinkule - fontána Opočno Opočno Porcinkule - kolotoče


Traditional fete, history
Handikraft presentation and sales, theatre plays, carousels, exhibitions, music, refreshment, wood carving, ...
June 31 (Friday) - August 2 (Sunday)

Opočno sightseeing guided tour Opočno sightseeing guided tour in Czech (Vycházky historií Opočna) - guides Dana Marková and Václav Rathouský
All participants are welcome to add their piece of historical knowledge of each visited place.
Saturdays or Sundays at 5 PM (if no rain condition), for the meeting point (every week different) ask

music Concerts

runner Sports

palette Exhibitons

flower Garden plants exhibition

Garden- and pot-plants, exotic plants - tropical and subtropical, bonsai
Garden Center Na Štefance (behind Hotel Praha)
Open daily 10 AM - 5 PM
Opočno zimní stadion - plakát


July 31 (Friday) from 9 PM, roofed stadium, 80 Kč

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