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Cafeteria for Seniors - Lucie

dance Dance balls

Veselá Kupa Dance ball season 2003

theatre Theatre plays

Kodymův národní dům
Právo na hřích (Rigt to Sin)
Comedy presented by Theatre Ensemble Vicena from Ústí nad Orlicí
February 9 (Sunday) at 6 PM, 40 Kč

cinema Cinema

Kodymův národní dům
* February 11 (Tuesday), 6 PM, Údolí stínů (We Were Soldiers), war, courage and friendship, USA, 30 Kč, 139', since the age of 15

* February 18 (Tuesday), 5 PM, Lilo & Stitch, cartoon - a girl and an extra-territorial, USA, 30 Kč, 90'

palette Exhibitons

Vilém Křečan - Photographs
Kodymův národní dům; access during other events and on demand (call 494 667 492), admission free

Bible Lectures

by ing. Jan Ejem (SDAC), Kodymův národní dům, Mondays at 6 PM. (for info call 494 541 889), entry fee voluntary
* February 10 - Why the Holy Bible is the world's most important book
* February 17 - If there was the God, he would not permit such things
* February 24 - Where are you, Man?

music Concerts

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