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exhibitions concerts theatre cinema Events in September 2003

X. Psychoanalytic-Psychoterapeutic Symposium

Psychiatrists meet in Opočno on regular medical symposia.
Prepared by Institute od Applied Psychoanalysis from Praha
September 11-13

Czech Republic Championship in Tillage

Prepared by SOU and OU Opočno
September 18-19

Yoga in KND

From September 3, every Wednesday at 5 PM

click to enlarge LUCIE -> Cafeteria for Seniors in the Senior Citizens' Nursing Home (Access not limited by age!)
Special programs on Tuesdays at 4 PM, entry fee voluntary

  • September 2, Country odpoledne (Country Afternoon), live country music
  • September 9, Krajka (Lace), Světlana Pavlíčková from Hradec Králové explains secrets of laces' creation, history and application on folk costumes
  • September 16, Duševní problémy a psychoterapie (Mental Problems and Psychotherapy), presented by Doc. PhDr. Jiří Kocourek, DrSc. from Prague
  • September 23, Zdraví nebo nemoc - proč to nezkusit jinak? (Health or Illnes - Why Not To Try Another Way?), Ing Boris Oláh and Marie Dušková present alternative methods of healing by MUDr. Josef Jonáš
  • September 30, Peru, Painter Mrs. Martina Novotná talks about her experience from this South-American country and about painting

  • palette Exhibitons

    music Concerts

    Eva Šilarová (piano), Tomáš Vejvoda (violin), Vladan Kočí (violoncello)
    September 12 (Friday), 7:30 PM, Castle Image Gallery JP

    JAROSLAVA PĚCHOČOVÁ - piano recital
    September 26 (Friday), 7:30 PM, Castle Image Gallery

    cinema Cinema

    Kodymův národní dům, Tuesdays

    flower Garden plants exhibition

    Garden- and pot-plants, exotic plants - tropical and subtropical, bonsai
    Garden Center Na Štefance (behind Hotel Praha)
    Open daily 10 AM - 5 PM

    theatre Theatre plays

    Kodymův národní dům
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