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exhibitions concerts theatre cinema Events in November 2002

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Cafeteria for Seniors

In the Senior Citizens' Nursing Home (Access not limited by age!), Tuesdays at 4 PM

Dry Beauty-click to enlarge Colloredo Mansfelds - about the noble family history (Růžena Valášková), November 12
Dry Beauty - decorations from dry plants (students from OU and SOU Opočno led by Eva Hyjánková), November 19
Let's Unction - herbal ointments (Otomar Černý from Náchod), November 22
Book - Man's Friend - (Dagmar Dvořáková from Opočno town library), November 26

Children for Children

Plays, games... November 24 (Sunday) from 2 PM, Kodymův národní dům
Prepared by Opočno scouts

Saint Nicholas Celebrations Nicholas

devilkin November 30 (Saturday) 3:30 - 5:30 PM, main square
3:30 Brass Ensemble from Dobruška and Children choir CARMINA from Rychnov n. Kn.
4:00 Games, competitions
5:00 Arrival of St. Nicholas and devils
5:15 Fireworks fireworks
(more in December)

theatre Theatre plays

Animals and Robbers and the Puppet Theatre (Zvířata a loupežníci a Loutkové divadlo) performed by School of Arts Opočno
Musical fairy-tale for children, November 6 (Wednesday) 6 PM, Kodymův národní dům, entrance voluntary
Goldoni Treperendy - Carlo Goldoni performed by theater ensemble Sedloňov
Musical comedy, November 7 (Thursday) 7 PM, Kodymův národní dům, entrance 40 Kč
Dalskabáty hříšná ves - Jan Drda performed by theater ensemble Šubert Dobruška
Comedy, November 15 (Friday) 7:30 PM, Kodymův národní dům, entrance 40 Kč
Poprask na laguně performed by theater ensemble from Rychnov nad Kněžnou
Comedy, November 22 (Friday) 7:30 PM, Kodymův národní dům, entrance 40 Kč

cinema Cinema

Kodymův národní dům, Tuesdays

palette Exhibitons

Works by children from Opočno schools. Entry will be passed to victims of summer floods.

music Concerts

dance Dance balls

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