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exhibitions concerts theatre cinema Events in March 2002

dance Dance balls

All balls take place in Kodymův národní dům (KND)
Town Hall Ball, March 15 (Friday) at 8 PM
Children Carnival, March 16 (Saturday) at 2 PM
Carnival of restaurant "U Slunce", March 23 (Saturday) at 7:30 PM

theatre Theatre plays

Kodymův národní dům
Ferda Mravenec v cizích službách (Ferda the Ant)
Fairy tales presented by Theatre Ensemble Duha - Polná. Author Ondřej Sekora.
March 6 (Wednesday) at 8 and 10 AM, 20 Kč (for children)

cinema Cinema

Kodymův národní dům
Ivo Malý

palette Exhibitons

Ivo Malý: Zákoutí Opočna ve fotografii (Recesses of Opočno in Photography)
Jana Melicharová - poetry
March 31 to April 24, Castle Villa, entry 10/5 Kč
Open 1 - 4 PM except Fridays and Mondays (Easter Monday open)

music Concerts

Spring Concert of the School of Arts
March 26 (Tuesday) at 6 PM, Kodymův národní dům (KND), entry arbitrary

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