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Historical emblem H i s t o r y

First known written reference of Opočno can be found in The Kosmas Chronicle from 1068. The castle Opočno dominated the area already in 11. and 12. centuries.

In 15. century during Husite wars (1425) the castle has been destroyed, because the owner Jan Městecký fell out Husite movement.

Trčka z Lípy Important owners of Opočno since 16. century were from the family Trčka z Lípy. They reconstructed the castle in the style of North-Italian renaissance. Later they took part in the unsuccessful "Valdštejn uprising" and the castle received the Italian noble family Colloredo. Colloredo family collected large picture gallery, library, historic weapons and ethnographic collections from their expeditions to Africa and America. Since 1948 the castle has been administrated by state and now talks about reversion to Colloredo-Mansfeld family are ongoing.
From 19th century Opočno developed as a place of Czech national revival. Several important countrymen founded cultural and social facilities and supported industrial development of the region.
firebrigade old logo firemen SOKOL OPOČNO SOKOL OPOČNO By the end of 19th century several active groups founded their official institutions. E.g. the Voluntary Firebrigade or SOKOL for physical exercises.
Steam train
On July 25 in 1875 trains came for the first time to Opočno (railway Choceň-Broumov)
In winter
In the first half of 20th century the town extended north- and westward creating a cosy quarter of family houses.
Nowadays it is an important town of the region and together width its younger neighbor Dobruška they form local center of many kinds of people's activities.

Opočno Old Postards

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Opočno Maps Development

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