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Culture, Social life

Where to go?
See also Events new Jitka Kvasnova Ivo Kaspar OPOCENSKA BESEDA

Opocenska beseda

A group of volunteers, organizing many cultural events in Opocno.
Address: Kupkovo namesti 142, fax 642101, e-mail: opocenske.noviny@centrum.cz
Contact: Ivo Kaspar, Kratka 608, phone 494 667 265
In English: Jitka Kvasnova, Komenskeho 75, cell: 602 112 787, phone: 494 667 222, e-mail: jitka.kvasna@opocno.cz



A free association of regions, which aim is to support rural tourism, cooperate in realization of projects and obtaining financial means to cover those projects.
Contact: Jiri Kralicek, phone 777 761 400, e-mail: jiri.kralicek@abakus-eu.com
In English: Dalibor Stepan, phone 608 140 964, e-mail: dalibor.stepan@abakus-eu.com

books City library

library-ground floor library-first floor library-ground floor library-ground floor Address: Kupkovo namesti 142
Phone: 494 668 369
Web page in Czech: 1
Open for adults: Mo, Thu: 8-12, 13-17:30
Open for children: Mo, We: 12-16:30
Internet for public use

Sdruzeni pro rozvoj kulturnich aktivit Opocna (The Association For Opocno Culture Development).

Address: Kupkovo namesti 310

Opocenka - famous brass band

Il Pidliccato

Il Pidliccato - historical music ensemble

Director: Kamil Remes
Opocenske divadlo Tomas

Opocenske Divadlo (Opocno Theatre) - theatre and other culture events

phone: 777637888

Divadelko Batole (Theatre ensemble "Batole")

Opocensky kasparek Founded in 2001 in "Klub Batole". Supported by the Association For Opocno Culture Development.
From September 2003 actors B. Tymichova, A. Janova and T. Base. From 2004 also D. Kuncova, A. Novozamsky. From 2007 also R. Pavlickova
E-mail: divadelkobatole@tiscali.cz
Ensemble Opocensky kasparek
T. Fabera, V. Rathousky, V. Macek, T. Richter, B. Tymich, J. Kroupa, V. Hejzlar, P. Fabera, J. a S. Poskocilovy, J. Sobotkova, B. Tymichova, L. Menclova, D. Faberova, A. Nemeckova; technical background: L. Zarybnicka, B. Tymichova, V. Herzig, M. Fligr (2007)

Dekansky urad (Vicariate), churches

Address: Trckovo namesti
Phone: 494 668 188
Services: father Vincent (vicarage Dobruska): 494 623 083 or cell phone: 731 101 168 Web page in Czech

Czech Brothers Evangelic Church

Address: Dobrusska 5
Services: 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at 8:15 AM
Web page in Czech

Many cultural events take place in subsequent locations: The Castle

Statni zamek (The State Castle)

Renaissance picture gallery

Castle Villa Castle Villa

Zamecky letohradek (Castle villa)

Kupkova vystavni sin (Kupka Exhibition Hall)
Address: Zamecka ulice, Phone: 494 668 111
Open (see events): Tue-Fri: 1 PM - 5 PM, Sat-Sun: 11 AM - 4 PM (Monday closed)

KND KND Kodymuv narodni dum, KND (Kodym's National House)

Address: Kupkovo namesti
Phone: 494 667 492
E-mail: kultura@mu.opocno.cz

Cajovna za stromem logo-cafe-the-galerie Cajovna za stromem Cajovna za stromem Martin Kucera Cajovna za stromem Cajovna ZA STROMEM
(Teahouse Behind the Tree)

Cafetherie Martin Kucera Address: Galerie & Cafetherie ZA STROMEM, Hradecka 198, Phone: 494 321 837
www.volny.cz/za-stromem, E-mail: zastromemseznam.cz
plan, town map, atlas

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